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Reflections 2020

Does your student enjoy art, music and dance or have an interest in writing, film making or taking photos? Encourage them to unleash their inner artist and participate in PTA REFLECTIONS! This year’s theme “I Matter Because…,” calls for their own unique interpretation through the arts. This year Tesago PTA will be accepting entries virtually using google forms. Submissions will be due no later than November 13th, and should be submitted via google form: https://tinyurl.com/2020ReflectionsEntryFormTesago Program guidelines and the rules for each art category can be found here https://tinyurl.com/OfficialRulesReflections For inspiration, visit the Reflections virtual art gallery at https://www.pta.org/home/programs/reflections/awards. Please contact Mary Gamble at [email protected] with any questions. While we may not be able to hold our usual celebration for participants this year, we will share a virtual compilation of the artwork submitted and recognize any students moving onto the regional, state, or national level competition.

PTA Academic Programs & Committees

Below is a summary of the PTA Programs & Committees. See the Officers & Committees page for the current chair of each program/committee for more information or to volunteer!


The Arts-In-Education program at Tesago provides enrichment opportunities to all students by hosting a variety of Arts related programs throughout the school year. We select annually from a variety of Arts related programs such as drama, literature, and visual arts, among others. These programs help support the grade level curricula as well as stimulate creativity, self-expression and imagination in the students.

A large portion of the Tesago PTA budget is committed to bringing these Arts related enrichment programs to our children. Successful PTA fundraising programs are the key to funding and maintaining the quality of the Tesago PTA Arts-In-Education program. In past years, Tesago has received many compliments on its Arts-In-Education programming. We want to continue to be one of the best elementary programs in the district.

Discovery Program

This after-school enrichment program gives students the opportunity to discover and learn new things about themselves. The five-week program begins after Winter break and features different activities each day. Discovery Program requires many volunteers to ensure its success. If you have a special talent like cooking, or maybe are a good dancer and would like to share your knowledge, then this program is for you. Chaperones and hall monitors are always needed.  Scroll down for current school year information.

Odyssey of the Mind

This committee prepares students to compete in the national Odyssey of the Mind program. This program fosters cooperative, creative approaches to problem solving. Tesago teams have a proud history of doing well in the competition. 


Each year, Tesago students participate in th national PTA Reflections program. This program is provides opportunities for students to express themselves and to receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts. Please urge your child to take part and to submit as many entries as he or she would like. Contest catergories include visual arts, literature, music and photography. The theme changes each year.

Shen Inventors

Shen Inventors gives all Tesago students an opportunity to turn their ideas into inventions. The program begins in January with workshops for interested students and parents. Inventors get their projects displayed at  the beginning of February. Each inventor receives a Shen Inventor t-shirt for participating and medals will be awarded at a later date based on the judging results..

Pick a Reading Partner (PARP)

This committee works with the school librarian to support the PARP program. Our annual reading challenge encourages children to discover the joy of reading by making it a daily family activity. To complete the PARP challenge, students are asked to read every day for an extra 15 minutes with parents, friends, or family members for the month of February. All of our students will be given a book from our PTA to begin their PARP challenge with excitement. Receiving these gift books is a great way to kick off their month-long reading challenge Students will also receive a PARP bookmark with a calendar that can be used to track reading days. 

Kindergarten Orientation

The purpose of the Kindergarten Orientation committee is to organize a program for the incoming kindergarteners and their parents/guardians. The program offers a brief tour of the school, a chance to meet some of the key staff and have them take a short bus ride. The time commitment involved usually take place in May and at the end of August. Parent volunteers and even Tesago graduates are needed to assist with the tours of the school to our future students and their families. This is a wonderful program that helps kindergarteners become more acclimated with our school.

1000 Book Kid Program

This program provides 120 bags of books (each bag has 10 high quality, age-appropriate titles). Families who participate can borrow a bag and share the books with their children (located in the lobby). The goal of this program is that by the time a child enters first/second grade, he/she will have read or heard 1000 stories and will have developed a lifetime bond with reading and books.


The Tesago PTA sends out weekly emails and updates the TV in the lobby and website monthly. This information is designed to keep the Tesago community informed about all on-going and upcoming events. All Tesago families are encouraged to submit entries that are newsworthy to the Tesago community especially those from or about our own Tesago kids! 

These are just a few examples of what the PTA sponsors for Tesago students. Please look for more information during our Walk About in the fall and at other school events.

Honorary life Membership

The New York State PTA Honorary Life Membership Award is given to individuals (not couples or groups) in recognition of superior dedication and distinguished service to children and youth in any or all of the following areas: home, school, community and place of worship.  Nominees may be chosen from any area, are not required to be PTA members or be well known beyond their own area of service.  The nominee can be a staff member, administrator, parent or community member.  The recipient does not become an active member of PTA by this award. 

PTA Honorary Life Award 2020 Winners

  • Heather Boltz
  • Steve Hicks
  • Jenny Hicks

PTA Honorary Life Award 2019 Winners

  • Britt Gersey
  • Amber Woerner 

PTA Honorary Life Award 2018 Winners

  • Gusta Miller
  • Michele Ryan
  • Hongyue Sun 

PTA Honorary Life Award 2017 Winners

  • Linda Whalen
  • Heather Courtney
  • Sarah deForest

PTA Honorary Life Award 2016 Winners

  • Marci DeMura
  • Lauren Grabowski
  • Michelle Hickok